Thank you AIMS for helping us make our dream come true and for providing superb service – from documentation processing until visa grant. We will definitely recommend you to all our friends for migration and relocation services.

AIMS Philippines Success Stories
Bautista Family

Thank you so much for your exceptional service. You guys are fantastic! Special thanks to everyone involved in our case who have been very patient with all our questions and follow up. We will definitely pass on the good service to our friends who wish to migrate. Cheers!

AIMS Philippines Success Stories
Ruel Tapire

AIMS had helped us fulfill our dream of migrating to Canada!

Their staff are so professional and helpful throughout the whole process. They kept updating us in what is happening with our application. They were there with us every step of the way. It was a wise decision for us to sign up with them and I would recommend them to my friends if they ever ask me for a company that could help them with migration!

Special mention to Sharon who was always on top of our application! Keep up the great work AIMS!

AIMS Philippines Success Stories
Lance Celis


I just thought of sending this message to thank you and your team for helping us paving the way to reach our dream, to migrate here in Australia. You, your colleagues, and your armada of relevant skills made it way less stressful for us.

We have finally arrived in Sydney, and we cannot contain ourselves because of so much happiness and excitement. We are now complete here as a family, gone are the days that we have to leave our daughter in my in-laws’ care because she cannot stay longer than 30 days at where we were. Albeit, I’m also very thankful of Singapore and all the people who we’ve met and now treat as our extended family.

Again, thank you so much AIMS! May you continually be a blessing to more aspiring migrants.

AIMS Philippines Success Stories
Simangan Family

My wife and I would really like to thank Elsie, Pearce, Girlie, Felicia, and Ryen from AIMS for really going the extra mile and seeing through the whole process of our Australia permanent residency application. We got our Aussie PR status recently and it is definitely through the sheer hardwork put in by them. We are glad that we have made the decision in choosing Australia. We love the weather here in Australia and my children are having a wonderful time in their new school. They are enjoying going to school and making new friends. The pace of school and work life balance here is just right for us and we are thankful that we have more family time together in Australia.

I found out about AIMS through the Internet Search engine and have no regret choosing them. They are professional and at the same time friendly and approachable. I must say they have been very patient with me; answering my questions and at the same time kept me informed timely on the status of my application at the various stages. At the various stages of my application process, they gave me appropriate guidance, advices and help in fulfilling some of the stringent criteria required by the Australian Immigration. They have also always kept themselves abreast of the changing Australian Migration Policies and have also kept me informed throughout the process on the changes. I am very satisfied with their services and their professionalism. I will certainly recommend AIMS to my friends and relatives.

Once again “Thank you AIMS.”

AIMS Philippines Success Stories
Bala Family

We are a Filipino couple who entertained the idea of migrating to Australia after being denied permanent residency in Singapore despite having a successful job for 5 years. We explored the options of doing a personal application or going through an agent to assist us through the process.

We’ve searched online and encountered numerous consultants offering to assist on our migration plans. After going through several agents, we decided on 3 MARA-registered popular agents according to most migration websites. AIMS was one of those popular migration companies that we visited.

Our first visit was handled by Pearce Cheng. He completely explained the procedures, possible timeline and most important of all payments to be made with full transparency to ensure we understand the whole concept of applying through an agent. As a couple trying to find out the pros and cons of using an agent and the possibility of doing our own application, we did not signed up immediately. Instead, we checked other migration agents and compared their fees. We have to admit that after checking other migration agents, AIMS shined among the rest with their knowledge of migration and professionalism.

After comparing all the agents, we have decided to proceed with AIMS services in assisting us with our plans. Despite its popularity of charging high fees, we gambled on it due to its kind but straight forward approach on the migration. The whole process was a breeze for us. It took us a year from the time we applied until we received the permanent visa approval. We have to commend and complement Felicia Giovani in guiding us through the whole application process. She was very accommodating, patient and very professional whenever we asked for an update or timeline statuses.

We would never hesitate to recommend AIMS to a family, relative or friend as a migration agent. We are now here in Australia, adjusting and doing very well; and enjoying the work-life balance that we only dreamed-of in Singapore.

Thank you AIMS and our warmest regards to Pearce and Felicia.

AIMS Philippines Success Stories
Ruel Tapire

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