Make American Dream your reality.

As of 2018, 4.1M Filipinos has made the United States of America their second home. Now is your turn to make it yours.

The western culture has been introduced and embraced by Filipinos for a long time and one of the countries of influence is the United States. As a result, it has been on top of every Filipinos’ dream destination since they tend to adapt easily to the culture given our level of familiarity and our shared history.

Moreover, since immigration has become common to Filipino families, it has inspired people to pursue moving to the USA in order to reconnect with families and friends. Therefore, making the USA one of the most sought after country to immigrate to.  

AIMS Philippines offers two migration pathways to the USA.
Skilled Migration Program (EB-3) for Skilled Workers.
Business and Investment Migration (EB-5) for Businessmen and Investors.

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