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Canada is known for its peace-loving culture and its openness to immigrants. The country has opened its doors to Filipinos for decades and has been one of the preferred countries by Filipinos to migrate to as a permanent resident. Filipinos are now the third largest Asian minority group in Canada.

Many Filipinos dream to immigrate to Canada for a better quality of life for their families. Canada offers one of the best in the world. The country offers excellent health care services, high quality education, and numerous job opportunities for Filipinos on various fields. On top of that, Canada has a very liberal culture that is open to people of various backgrounds.

How to Migrate to Canada from the Philippines?
AIMS Philippines offers two migration pathways to obtain your Canada Permanent Resident Visa. 

Skilled Migration Program for Skilled Professionals. Learn more…
Business and Investment Migration Program for Businessmen and Investors. Learn more…
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