AIMS Philippines AIMS Philippines acquires PRA accreditation

AIMS Philippines has just recently acquired accreditation from the Philippine Retirement Authority as Marketer for its Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV) Program. This signifies that AIMS Philippines has met all accreditation standards for Marketers and can actively promote the SRRV program to its clients.

With this accreditation, AIMS Philippines is now targeting to enroll at least 2 SRRV applicants in the first year and at least 6 applicants in the succeeding years. AIMS Philippines will also be providing assistance to retiree/applicants in securing and filing documents for SRRV Application. AIMS Philippines will also be monitoring the retiree-members in the program if they are continuously in good-standing and will assist the retiree-members in complying with PRA rules.

For more information on the SRRV Program, click here.


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