Our goal is for you to reach yours.

We can help you achieve your dream of having a better life with your family through migration.  

Dreaming of a Better Life.

Everyone wants to change their lives for the better. For some, one way to ensure progress is by getting out of their home country for a better-paying job overseas even if it means leaving their comfort zone – friends, favorite hangout places, and most importantly, their families. 

The good news is that there are some countries that offer Permanent Residency for the whole family.

AIMS Philippines A Better Life for your Family
Migration made easy.

In the Philippines, a pervasive culture of migration has established migration as common and desirable strategy of pursuing a better life. For decades, many Filipinos have left home in search of permanent settlement or temporary work overseas. Over time, the value of hardworking Filipinos has been widely known and many countries started opening their doors of opportunities to Filipino immigrants.

AIMS Philippines A Better Life for your Family
AIMS can help.

We are here to change lives, to help individuals and families achieve their goal of having a better life. It is our passion to see Filipinos reach their migration dreams.  We offer free assessment on how you can turn those dreams into a reality.  Contact us today. 

AIMS Philippines A Better Life for your Family

Choosing a new place to call home is not easy.

We understand that migrating to a new country takes a lot of planning and thinking.
There are definitely a lot of things to consider. We’ve listed down some of the factors that you may be considering.


One of the first concerns of Filipinos who migrate is their ability to find gainful employment. An advantage of Filipinos however is that we are a hardworking and resilient people that don’t shy away from work. Filipinos who go abroad are often equipped with the skills, qualifications, and educational requirements needed by most employers in other countries.


Filipinos long for a place that is peaceful, prosperous, and would be a good place to raise their children. Often times, a Filipino would sacrifice to work abroad in less than ideal scenarios in order to improve the quality of life of his family in the Philippines. But if the quality of life abroad is better than that of the Philippines, a Filipino would not hesitate to bring his family along.


Filipinos are good English speakers compared to other nationalities. Hence most Filipinos favor English speaking countries because of their ability to converse better with the community.


Filipinos are a close-knit society and prefer living near family and relatives. It is often a major consideration since it makes living in a foreign land more bearable if you have friends or relatives to be with you. Even if you have no relatives, the mere presence of a Filipino community abroad has been a very comforting to know.


One of the often overlooked considerations is the climate and weather of certain countries and cities. Filipinos are not accustomed to places with four seasons with huge temperature changes in the seasons.


A common misconception by Filipinos is that the cost of migrating is very expensive. While it may be true that upfront costs is high compared to temporary overseas employment (i.e. OFW), the permanent residency status, coupled with better job opportunities, easily offsets the initial investment that you make.